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Summer Dress Helmet of the New York State National Guard, 23rd Infantry Regiment


New York fielded a number or National Guard and militia units at the tail end of the 19th century, and many of these units fought with distinction in the American Civil War and then with the regular army during the First and Second World Wars.

One such unit was the New York State National Guard, 23rd Infantry Regiment, which was active from 1863 to 1957. It began as the 23rd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment before becoming the 106th Infantry Regiment in World War I. As with other National Guard State of New York units, the 23rd Infantry Regiment would have been outfitted in the same basic uniforms and equipment of the regular army. Many of these items were made in New York and New England during the 19th century. Headgear including helmets was a slightly different story. Continue reading

The American M1880 Helmet

M1880While much has been written about the M1887/89 pattern American sun helmet – including by this author – there is the far less encountered M1880 helmet. This designation actually appears to have been used interchangeably over the years to describe the helmet pattern above, as well as the used by various National Guard units. Continue reading

White Cadet Dress Helmet


The George Patton Museum at Fort Knox has been undergoing a renovation for some months, and during this time the museum offered minimal displays. Among these included various uniforms from ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Cadet) programs from the past 150 years.

This included a cadet uniform from Cornell University from 1892. What makes this particular display interesting is that it features a white helmet that is stated to be an “Army adopted… dress helmet pattern,” and noted, “Except for the white color, this helmet mirrors the infantry helmet used for the regular Army during this time.” Continue reading