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History and Headdress of the Palestine Police


A Palestine Police sun helmet and kalpak (Collection of the Author)

Following the First World War the British found themselves with new territory carved out of the Ottoman Empire, which included Mandatory Palestine. To help administer this new “mandate” the British formed the Palestine Police Force. It was established on the First of July, 1920 by High Commissioner Herbert Samuel’s civil administration which took over responsibly in Mandatory Palestine from General Allenby’s Occupied Enemy Territory Administration . Continue reading

Conical Asian Hat of the Hong Kong Police

The Hong Kong Police during inspection

The Hong Kong Police during inspection

The conical Asian hat, known as a “rice hat,” “paddy hat” or even “coolie hat” originated in East and Southeast Asia, particularly China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. While primarily used by civilians, the hat has been a military head dress and was used by Vietcong forces in the Vietnam War. But the conical hat was also used alongside the military sun helmet by Chinese and other native units. One in particular was the Hong Kong Police, which was established in 1844. Continue reading

Police Sun Helmets

The Guatemala City Transit Police use a colonial pattern helmet

Many police forces around the world still use white sun helmets during the summer months. Interestingly, many of these seem to be based on the colonial pattern helmet. Continue reading