The Wolseley Helmet in Pictures

The Wolseley Helmet in Pictures: From Omdurman to El Alamein

By Stuart Bates with Peter Suciu. Foreword by Clive M. Law

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The British Wolseley helmet was introduced when the empire was essentially at its zenith, and while the Wolseley has a moniker that evokes an eminent Victorian general, it is in fact a helmet more accurately associated with the First and Second World Wars. The Wolseley pattern helmet was worn by the guardians of the empire, from the Battle of Omdurman to the Gallipoli campaign to the Battle of El Alamein.


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· English
· ISBN: 978-0-9806567-0-1
· Hardcover
· 8.3” x 11.69”
· Over 230 color and black & white photos and illustrations


MI and MT

Book review Formation Sign

Book review Ken Trotman


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C.P. said “the Wolseley book was the best book he ever read on helmets. He added that he hasn’t put the book down since he opened the package.”

Another review found here –

The closing paragraph says “If you have an interest in the uniforms and headdress of the British Army I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

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  1. Charles Hightower

    I’m Looking for a Marine Corp Pith Helmet. I see one at the top of your inter-net page, but I can’t find it on your site. I would like a White Cotton Pith Helmet, XL if possible.

  2. Stuart Bates


    Sorry for the delay but i did not get a notification of your post. Best to contact Peter Suciu for American and International items.




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