Military Sun Helmets of the World

Military Sun Helmets of the World

By Peter Suciu with Stuart Bates
Foreword by Mark R. Kasal

This book, of over 100 pages, examines the history of these helmets, from the Indian Mutiny through the modern day. With nearly 200 color photographs and illustrations, as well as dozens of period photographs, this book is an essential guide to anyone interested in learning more about this form of military headgear that has been used around the world since the middle of the 19th century.




· ISBN: 978-1-894581-52-3
· English
· Hardcover, 103 pages
· 8.3” x 11.69”
· Over 200 color and black & white photos and illustrations


6 thoughts on “Military Sun Helmets of the World

  1. John Sutton

    The NSWCB helmet on the cover of the book – is it original or a reproduction? If it is a reproduction where can one obtain it?

  2. Sister Soami

    i have just acquired a sun helmet: stamped on interior crown: 08 HELMUT SUN DSA 100-4036 8415-161-4773. it is in nearly mint condition with a chin strap intact and also in mint condition and only the lacing missing from the adjustable brown fabric band. i presume this is US military issue and the number will indicate date of manufacture. Is that correct and why else might that number tell me? Who is the manufacturer?

  3. Annette

    I came across a hat that is stamped inside and an curious of it’s origin. I’m wondering if you might help. I can send pictures.

  4. Michael Madden

    im researching a pith helmet with an inside stamp mark of H G & R ltd 1915 on the inside.
    The pugaree has the remains a yellow Fleur de Lis on it . it also has a heavey blue ink stamp mark WMAN. Can you tell me anything about it?

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