Sun Helmets of the Philippine Commonwealth Army


One somewhat forgotten sun helmet pattern was that used by the Philippine Commonwealth Army. Issued just months before America’s entry into the Second World War, these seemed based on the pressed fiber helmets used by the United States but offered a larger rear brim. And instead of pressed fiber these were made of pressed coconut fiber!

Reportedly used an a substitute for the campaign or “Montana Peak” hat, these were widely used during the Japanese invasion of the Philippines.

Peter Suciu

2 thoughts on “Sun Helmets of the Philippine Commonwealth Army

  1. Philip M. Garcia

    There several varities of the “GUINIT” Philippine Sun Helmet. The Philippine Commonwealth Army under the USAFFE had over 150,000 troops mostly issued the “Gunit” Sun Helmet. THE biggest modern colonial troops in Southeast Asia before the outbreak of WWII. They had a fledgling Army air corp and torpedo boat unit that used the “Guinit” sun helmet.

    I am really shock how this could have been glossed over and not know about this. The Philippines was THE biggest major colonial commonwealth country of the United States.

    These made of coconut husk and there are dozens of photos of the Philippine Army and Constabulary wearing this hat. And I have photos of several originals.


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